“Every business owner and entrepreneur needs to read this book and then follow it’s directives to the letter. Absolutely essential!”
Michael E. Gerber
Author of the E-Myth books &
CEO, Chief Dreamer Enterprises

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Pinnacle Equity Solutions

Pinnacle Equity Solutions provides exit strategy planning services to business owners. We also train professional advisors on how to incorporate exit strategy planning into their advisory practices.

Today, there is a lack of focus on Exit Strategy Planning. To fill this void, our team supports business owners and their advisors in designing and executing Exit Strategy plans that accomplish the exiting owner’s goals. Exit Strategy Planning is a holistic and comprehensive plan for the business owner's corporate, personal, and family objectives.

Pinnacle Equity Solutions is the thought leader in exit strategy planning for business owners. Pinnacle does not sell any investment management, investment banking (merger & acquisition), legal, or financial products. Our income comes entirely from planning engagements for business owners and from training professional advisors on how to incorporate exit strategy planning into their practice. The positioning of our services empowers us to be completely objective in the advice that we offer, not having any hidden agenda to sell other financial products. We know of no other firm today who can deliver this value statement to the marketplace of business owners.

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Meet John

John M. Leonetti is the founder and managing director of Pinnacle Equity Solutions, an exit strategy planning firm which offers planning services to business owners as well as education and training programs for professional advisors. He is a recognized thought leader in the exit strategy planning field and for fifteen years has served the various roles of manager, transactional advisor, legal advisor and financial advisor to privately held businesses. He is also an exiting business owner in his own right, successfully selling his wealth management business in early 2008. John is author of Exiting Your Business, Protecting Your Wealth – A Strategic Guide for Owners and Their Advisors [John Wiley & Sons, 2008], as well as an adjunct professor teaching Retirement and Estate Planning courses and a 'first of its kind' Private Capital Markets for MBA students at Suffolk University in Boston.

Originally from Brooklyn, New York, John currently resides in Canton, Massachusetts, with his wife, Christine, and their four children - Catherine, Elizabeth, Michael and Nicholas. He remains actively involved with his alma mater, sitting on various boards and having received its Outstanding Alumni Award in 2003 in recognition of his continuing dedication.